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The Barry Edgley Trophy (LG) which is now incorporated into the Harry Madden Competition which will be held over two days on the weekend in April 2023 (Saturday the 1st & Sunday the 2nd). The Barry Edgley Trophy (LG) will be shot on the Saturday over 100yds and 200yds and forms the first part of the 2 gun competition. The Barry Edgley Trophy will awarded to the winner of the LG combined 100yd & 200yd Agg.


Along with Perpetual Trophies, Medals and National recognition of any record shot, there will be added prizes for competitors that shoot both the Saturday & Sunday events.


Any competitor's that shoots a group (on either day) between .100" and .080" will receive $200 in prize money.

The competitor that shoots the smallest group (of the 2 days) under .080" (not a .080" group) will receive $4,000 in prize money.

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